SummAH 2018 music for Beaches & Clubs -from Producer di Meo ,vocalist Mathieu 🎇💎🚢

May 2018 rushes into Memorial weekend  stateside, the psycho-cultural  beginning of summer . The Summer Solstice on June 21 some three weeks out. I jumpstarted this site’s return a few days ago with stated intention of frequent posts , many … Continue reading

South African music producer Sir LSG interviewed by Frederic MFSB Messent 🎶🎤🎩

Mi Gente clearly I have not populated this platform . I have re-grouped and intend to reverse this situation . To ease my lifting I will get a little help from my friends. Frederic MFSB Messent is domiciled in Paris … Continue reading

Happy Holidays  from Michael  Él  Tigré  

Traxsource IDMW Top 10 December 2016 –

Happy  Holidays !

I have not  posted  for too  long now, and in 2017  my posts  will be frequent . Music is my joyful pastime and weekly  I present 2 hourly sessions  on Indamixworldwide(IDMW) under the knowledgeable  leadership  of Paris-based Frédéric  MFSB Messent.

Expect  more IDMW reposts  here  on my flagship  michaeltigre.wordpress site as  Frédéric  is prolific ,  presenting  entertaining  and provocative  content  and  perspective . I will be presenting more L.A oriented  content  on my LotusLMiLA.Wordpress site .

Our IDMW Traxsource picks for December  2016 are presented  here  for your music  consideration .

Sincerely ,

Saludos y Salud.

Michael  Él  Tigré

Christmas  Eve  2016

Hollywood , CA

DrumZ 4 U Straight OuTTA Tigah’s Music Vaults :)

SpecialMusic Treat -an appreciation : Joyful SummaH 2016 My friends, followers and readers here it gets warmer in L.A as we approach July 4th. I set myself a tall order of content in Summer 2016 , including Rio Olympics commentary … Continue reading

Mike Sonksen’s L.A Sutra :Poetics of Location

I am honored to present a review of the latest literary work by 3rd generation Angeleno Poet/Journalist Mike ‘The Poet’ Sonksen entitled Poetics of Location. The essay is initially posted in my companion site ‘Lotus L.A, Mi L.A ‘ for reasons self explanatory when read. We have here in Los Angeles a rare breed of writer in Mr. Sonksen .More than being  a critical thinker and disciplined researcher, Mr.Sonksen is foremost a compassionate educator who mentors the at risk youth .Get your copy of ‘Poetics of Location’. Support our own. Welcome to Summer 2016.
El Tigre

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Sonksen’s ‘Poetics’ evokes that Zen feeling……

Mike ‘The Poet ‘ Sonksen is a Film-maker , he just needs to act on it. My words to my trusted and esteemed fellow traveller and confidante a few days ago at Grand Park, DTLA. We were sitting in Starbucks after he had another on the fly , creative and intense video recording session with Javier Guillen , the social media wunderkind of L.A’s new epicenter of community gatherings including New Year’s Eve and July 4th.

Grand Park was that evening the venue of a timely and historic symposium on Hip Hop including break dance luminaries as Little Caesar.Javier and Mike , not surprisingly struck this complimentary collaborative vibe and were a few hours away from the documenting of the open air panel discussion in Grand Park , the quadrangle of L.A County Government of Superior Court, Board of Supervisors and Hall of Records…

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Guest Blog by Mike the Poet: Dance Door Opens for Compagnie Käfig

My good buddy Mike the Poet comes DTLA to the Music Center and Grand Park this week and a half. We’re in for a treat as this L.A street poet, creative writing teacher, journalist , author represents dynamic contemporary culture . My content just got richer here. Great opening Michael . Much respect ,
El Tigré
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The Music Center

Above the eastern steps of The Music Center, directly across from Grand Park is one of the most iconic sculptures of both Downtown Los Angeles and the city itself. “Dance Door,” is the bronze frame and doorway sculpture originally created by the celebrated late sculptor Robert Graham in 1978. As writer Michael Several wrote in 1998, “The work consists of three sections: small fragments of dancing figures appear in relief in the bottom half; larger fragments of dancers in relief in the next quarter; and a cutout frieze of silhouetted dancing figures on the top.” This elegant artwork frames City Hall on the eastern horizon and has been the site of countless photos for over a generation of Angelenos.

“Dance Door,” is a meaningful sculpture for many reasons. The most obvious is that its’ beauty pays tribute to the many dance events that The Music Center hosts every year. The…

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