Louie Vega & Co set off Tigre’s Summer 2016 Groove

Summer means fresh , global inspiring and grooving music

We’re less than a week into Summer 2016 , and before the Rio Olympics observations and commentary dominate my space , I must get the music aspect in . Via social media platforms such as MixCloud, FaceBook and SoundCloud I have a wonderful diverse global network of music enthusiasts, producers, djs, artists , aficionados etc. The genre of strong interest these past few years has been Soulful House music. I even created a few mixes which I present on Mixcloud.The link is placed at the end of this post.

Louie Vega, Anane Vega, Josh Milan ,Alex Toscha and Monique Bingham @ Boiler Room ,NY

A wonderful oppurtunity presenrs itself to share my favorite Dj Producer and Grammy -award winner Nuyorican Louie Vega.A few weeks ago international House music organization Boiler Room opened it’s first New York space in Williamsburg. Louie Vega and his crew were invited to inaugurate .

A long 4 hour session kicked off by Josh Milan formerly of duo Blaze and CEO of HoneyComb Music.Next up is Anane  Vega , Louie’s Cabu Verde originated spouse , a charismatic dj who dances all through her set. Maestro Vega closes out accompanied by Alex Toscha on keyboards , and a special vocal mini set by NY based House vocalist Monique Bingham. Check for the sexy Vega/Bingham collaboration ‘Elevator’. The opening track of my Mix ‘Tiger Tablet I : Noble Love. Stay tuned for more groovy music  here into this Olympics Summer. And the beat goes on.

El Tigre & his Fave Djs Mixes on MixCloud