SummAH 2018 music for Beaches & Clubs -from Producer di Meo ,vocalist Mathieu 🎇💎🚢

May 2018 rushes into Memorial weekend  stateside, the psycho-cultural  beginning of summer . The Summer Solstice on June 21 some three weeks out.

I jumpstarted this site’s return a few days ago with stated intention of frequent posts , many courtesy my prolific Parisian BrothA  Frederic , editor-in-chief of Indamixworldwide .

A few hours ago Fred reviewed a hot entry for our Summer  groovy/party consideration.

I became a fan of Paris-based vocalist Jocelyn Mathieu a few years back on South Africa’s Go-Go music label. The track was ‘ Everything ‘ on ‘ Never Leave You Alone ‘ album . Fire ! In my TigaH colloquialism ” FiyAH’ 🌋🌌☀!!

Mark di Meo’s name is on several  jamming House music tracks. Prolific no doubt. However the Italian caught my ears with Laura Jackson on ‘ Far from me ‘. Released through Baltimore-based Quantize Recordings.

Tight pulsating guitar riffs , smooth instrumental layering , sophisticated insertion of horns , set the platform for Laura’s spunky vocal delivery. Mark di Meo !!

Let my aficionado brothA Frederic break down this hot new item with Jocelyn Mathieu.

Sending you all musical and Joyful vibes into Summer 2018 .




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