Usain St.Leo Bolt on Olympic History Express @ intensely competitive Rio Olympics.

‘At 19.89 secs here in London Usain Bolt is way off his best performances documented. He competes against himself.When Usain Bolt gives stellar performance such as world record proximity, he’s unbeatable. When he gives the decent mortals clocking times, he is vulnerable to both speculation and being beaten.’

Michael El Tigre

Mystery of 200 metres stars’ disappearance.

I posted that observation after Usain Bolt qualified for Jamaica Olympic squad via ‘medical exemption’ fulfillment in the London Event on July 22. Now a few hours from the Men’s 200 metres in Rio , I repeat that view. But first a little mystery diversion.

My Pre-Rio Olympics Sprint blogs went abruptly on hold that Friday night when in Jamaica, after winning his heat in the 100 metres, World Champion and Record Holder Usain Bolt complained of a ham-string injury and did not complete the Jamaica Trials.

As expected , London 2012 double Silver medalist Yohan Blalk emerged the top sprinter from Jamaica headed to Rio. Following close on his heels was Nickel Ashmeade who provided great competition in both sprints. Then word also came that both Jamaica women sprinter stars Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce , London 2012  Gold winner in 100  , and her local Jamaica Track team mate Elaine Thompson , winner a few hours early of the 100 metres in a blistering 10.70 secs would not compete in the 200 metres Jamaica Trials.Both ladies also claimed Medical Exemption like Usain.

What the…Were  Elaine and Shelly-Ann FB in jeopardy of losing their Olympic spot on the Jamaica tea? Say no…The rules and procedures of Jamaica are less transparent, at least to me, compared to US Olympic Trials.

US Trials add to the conundrum

A few days after all eyes were on Eugene, OR for the US Olympic Trials. There the unthinkable occcurred. Allyson Felix, the nemesis of Fraser-Pryce in London , now pursuing 200 and 400 metres , got eliminated in the 200 metres.

Predictably Justin Gatlin won double US Trials in 100 and 200 metres. , all speculation of his obsession with Usain Bolt defeat.

An unexpected fall-out , in my opinion , was the elevation of Holland’s Dafne Schippers as favorite to win 200 metres , with Felix out and Thompson and Fraser-Pryce in limbo. Of course US deep runs deep and wide with Tori Bowie representing good times in Eugene.Schippers then won a few Pre-Olympic meets, including one in home Holland, solidifying her invincible aura.

The Rio realities….

So here o Thursday August17, 2016 , Day number 7 of Track and Field and a lot of dramatic results on the board. First is Elaine Thompson in a most fierce field of women , winning the 100 metres gold , besting USA’s Tori Bowie in 10.83 secs  for Silver , and fellow Jamaican and former Olympic Champion Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce  at 10.86 secs for the Bronze.

Just last night the unbelievable transpired ( which I proffered as a scenario on #TeamJamaica’s Instagram page 5 days ago), Elaine Thompson performed the Double Gold , defeating the Flying Blonde Dutchwoman Dafne Schippers. USA’s ever competitive Tori Bowie earning Bronze. The time was strong compared the worldwide times for the past year. 21.78 secs for Thompson and 21.88 the Blonde. My reasoning of Elaine winning was based on the Schippers victory in Beijing last summer. Then Thompson had the lead, with Schippers accelerating on the back straight , literally ‘dipping’ for victory of 21.63 secs to Thompson’s 21.66 secs. That was a devastating defeat for Thompson as it was so close. Look in that shy Jamaican woman’s eyes. Fire. Yes. A fiery competitor with a memory. So believe it or not, Schippers ‘dipped’ too far from the finish in her desperate attempt to salvage a not stellar Rio Olympics , and unfortunately fell, lucky to be still ahead of Tori.

Usain’s crazy 200 metres record talk.

A British journalist shared this information overnight about him needin to be efficient coming out the curve to go under 19 secs.I’m not even listening to my hero. For me 19.19 secs is almost super human ,and we are happy he did that, however I’m grateful when he can recover from injury and compete once more against himself. Of course pursuing the World Record is that, yet the odds have increased since both USA’s top guy Justin Gatlin , and fellow Jamaican and leader for Olympics sprint Yohan Blake are both eliminated in the Semi-Finals. So is fellow Jamaican sprinter, Nickel Ashmeade. The serious competitors in my opinion are Canada’s De Grasse, USA’s Merritt and France’s LeMaitre. Usian, let’s mop this one up and really bring the Fiyah and Lightnin’ for the 4x 100 metres relays.



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