All 8 Finalists for Women 100 mètres sub 11.00 secs in Semi-finals !! Flo-Jo’s 10.62 secs the goal.

3 Jamaicans,2 Americans ,1 Trini, I DutchWoman ,1 Cote D’Ivorian

Women 100 Metres Final Qualifiers

The stage is set for a ‘hold all mutuals’ dead-heat Women’s 100 metres Final in Rio 2018 Olympics. These 8 women are making a statement of power and pride.

10.88 secs  Jamaicans Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thompson from the same track club in Jamaica.

10.90 secs Trinidadian Michelle-Lee Ahye and Americans  Tori Bowie and English Gardner , and DutchWoman Dafne Schippers.

10.94 secs Cote D’Ivorian Marie-Jose Ta Lou.

10.96 secs Christiana Williams of Jamaica.

As I wrote a few months ago ‘somebody may just do something crazy and break a record’.

All the best to these Women Heroes, wonderful role model for young girls worldwide.

I can’t call it.Going to be FIRE!!



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