Track Events in Rio @ 8.05 p.m ET , Congrats to TeamUSA’s Gold winners Phelps,Biles and Manuel

USA’s Simone Manuel and Canada’s Penny Oleksiak tie 100 m Gold.

History in Swimming and Gymnastics for US

Well my wonderful Olympics commentary got upended by my personal local Los Angeles demands and obligations, as suddenly the opening ceremony and 1 week of competition flew by. While once more unimpressed and not feeling the NBC manipulation due to exclusivity of USA Olympics Broadcast rights , the exploding and new social media present some solace for this dyed in the wool Olympics enthusiast. Before we get into tonights Track heats , let’s recognize the exciting first week Olympics news.

2 African-American women with first names Simone , may trigger a wave of black baby girls given that name. Simone Miles took gold in Gymnastics All around, team mate Aly Raisman earning silver. An African-American first. Simone Manuel practically 7th at the 50 metre turn. A dramatic sprint tied her Gold with Canada’s Penny Oleksiak.Smashing forever ignorant assumptions about Black folk and swimming ability.

Michael Phelps lives the Rio Dream

Of course the other big pre-track events story is swimmer Michael Phelps scoring 4 more Gold medals. A wonderful story of redemption after despair. While the Fly to me is a most arduous event, I feel the 200 metres Individual Medley is the icing of swimming prowess. 4 swimming styles in one race at top performance. Congrats Senor Phelps.

Now enter the Track events…

Team Jamaica’s social media posted that tonight Friday August 12 @ 8.05 p.m ET is the beginning of the Track heats.The men’s 400 metres and the women’s 100 metres.I can’t wait.



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