10.70 secs scorcher in 100 m ,Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson 4th fastest woman

‘Suddenly it occurs to me that on that given day with all the top sprinters going for one Gold, someone might  do something crazy like break Flo-Jo’s 28 year old World record of 21.34 seconds.’ 

Él  Tigré  

June 10,2016 Blog post

Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson  is one of the  key reasons  the women’s  side of Track’s sprints is so volatile and fierce. While I did go out on a limb and suggested that Holland’s Blonde Girl Dafne Schippers, to be a clear and present  danger to Florence  Griffith-Joyner’s world  record  of 21.34 Seconds in the 200 metres ,  I need quickly  state that Ms.Thompson is a formidable  contender in both  100 and 200 metres sprint events.

In fact when Schippers  ran the 21.63 seconds in Beijing ,  the subtext  is Elaine  Thompson  led the field until about 10 metres  from the finish line, where Dutch  wonder made a forceful  finish  and dip at tape to snatch certain  victory from Thompson. The Jamaica’s time was world (for 2015) leading 21.66 seconds.

.Elaine Thompson bests her 2 MVP team-mates to win !00 metres in 10.70 secs

The battle of the women’s sprint  has been Jamaica’s  Sally Ann Fraser-Pryce after Olympic Gold and world  record  in the 200 metres ,  extending her sprint dominance  in various cities, duelling  the American  runners like Allyson Felix  and Carmelita  Jeter(who has the 2nd and 3rd fastest times of 10.64 and 10.67 seconds respectively). The winning  equation changed with Dutch former heptathlon  competitor  Dafne Schippers competing in the 100 and 200 metres. Suddenly  Jamaican  and US runners accustomed  to the predictable competitive finish amongst  themselves   , had to look around  for  The Blonde, known to finish hard and fast . Pressure .

For my focus, I recognize  Thompson  steadily  build up to her peak this Olympics season . In the past month she has consistently  gone sub 11 seconds . More like 10.87 , 10.94 secs etc. Friday  night’s 10.70 secs with MVP team-mate  and Olympic and World  champion  Fraser-Pryce at 10.92 secs in second place , and MVP newcomer Christiana Williams   in third at 10.97, puts the Jamaica  4 X 100 relay squad immediately  in top favorites for  Rio Olympics   Gold.  The next few days we are guaranteed  a fierce response from Eugene   OR at the US Olympics  Trials. Interestingly  Jamaica’s  veteran  sprinter VBC , Veronica  Campbell-Brown came  4th. Testament  to the depth of Jamaica’s athletic    talent. No spot is guaranteed  .Fire , no Fiyah  and Brimstone  on that there track ya know.

Él  Tigré


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