100 metres in Jamaica : Yohan Blake challenge for Usain Bolt

Semi-Finals set up Bolt vs Blake 100 metres  Final.

They are members of the same ‘Racers’ track team in Jam-Rock. Both are members of the 4 X 100 metres world record team of 36.84 seconds. They hold the 2 fastest times in the 200 metres world wide , having broken the previous record set by Usain Bolt. To date Usain Bolt holds the edge in this brotherly rivalry , holding 9.58 seconds in the 100 metres, world the record.Well a few hours ago at the 2016 Jamaica Olympic Trials Usain ‘The Big Man’ Bolt and Yohan’ The Beast’ Blake won their respective Semi-finals 100 metres race, with Blake in the faster time of 9.95 seconds to Bolt’s 10.05 seconds. Bolt has been plagued with sluggish starts , yet due to sheer willpower , strength and talent has been able to close the gap in the last 20 metres. Yohan Blake doesn’t look that generous in the gap deficit department. The Final later tonight should be a crowd pleaser. Whoever wins , the Jamaica 4 X 100 metres relay squad already looks formidable..Blake ‘s race hadstrong performances in second and third places respectively from Nickel Ashmeade that veteran Asafa Powell.

Yohan Blake runs 9.95 seconds in Semi-Final # 2

Usain Bolt needs strong start to hold off Yohan Blake

 Usain Bolt pulls off 10.05 secs in Semi-Final # 1 after slow start

El Tigre


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