Mike Sonksen’s L.A Sutra :Poetics of Location

I am honored to present a review of the latest literary work by 3rd generation Angeleno Poet/Journalist Mike ‘The Poet’ Sonksen entitled Poetics of Location. The essay is initially posted in my companion site ‘Lotus L.A, Mi L.A ‘ for reasons self explanatory when read. We have here in Los Angeles a rare breed of writer in Mr. Sonksen .More than being  a critical thinker and disciplined researcher, Mr.Sonksen is foremost a compassionate educator who mentors the at risk youth .Get your copy of ‘Poetics of Location’. Support our own. Welcome to Summer 2016.
El Tigre

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Sonksen’s ‘Poetics’ evokes that Zen feeling……

Mike ‘The Poet ‘ Sonksen is a Film-maker , he just needs to act on it. My words to my trusted and esteemed fellow traveller and confidante a few days ago at Grand Park, DTLA. We were sitting in Starbucks after he had another on the fly , creative and intense video recording session with Javier Guillen , the social media wunderkind of L.A’s new epicenter of community gatherings including New Year’s Eve and July 4th.

Grand Park was that evening the venue of a timely and historic symposium on Hip Hop including break dance luminaries as Little Caesar.Javier and Mike , not surprisingly struck this complimentary collaborative vibe and were a few hours away from the documenting of the open air panel discussion in Grand Park , the quadrangle of L.A County Government of Superior Court, Board of Supervisors and Hall of Records…

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