Chinese Historic General Gaun Ping’s birthday recognized @ Mazu Temple in ChinaTown, DTLA

Summer 2016 events in L.A demand I update my alternate Lotus L.A , Mi L.A blog. Today we celebrate a Historic Chinese general’s birthday in ChinaTown, DTLA .
Lotus L.A
El Tigre


Today on eve of Summer Solstice 2016 I update this page Lotus L.A, Mi L.A . The previous post was an audio interview with Grand Master Eric Lee. The idea of Lotus L.A, Mi L.A was expressed on this page. Events taking shape as Summer rushes in will populate here with much Los Angeles content, both sides of Lotus and Mi. Today we go to the Lotus side of L.A and venture to ChinaTown Thien Hau Temple  and celebrate a Chinese hero’s birthday based on the Lunar calendar. Today is General Gong Ping’s birthday.

General Guan Pinggong hero of China from the 3rd Warring States era and portrayed , was the Step Son of the larger than life General Guan Yu. In Taoist/Chinese Temples he has white colored face , General Yu a red face and enforcer blood brother Zhou Cang, a black complexion. Reflecting the Chinese Lunar Calendar we…

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