Global celebrity South Africa’s Dj/Producer Black Coffee wins 3 SAMA awards

South African Celebrity Dj/Producer Black Coffee rocks MixMag’s London Session

South Africa Declares the Future is Hear 

On June 4, 2016 the 22nd South African Music Awards were presented in Durban ,South Africa (ZA). The event was oblivious to many in North America, except those who follow and enjoy the leading trends in global dance music . The production broadcast live on SABC (South Africa Broadcast Corporation) was a celebration of many aspects of post-apartheid South Africa.For one there was the memory of 1970s student leader Steve Biko who was martyred in 1976. South Africans matter of factly embrace their national transformative narrative.

22 nd South African Music Awards SAMA # 22

The opening segment was a mashup of music genres embracing the multi-color world of the African partner  of the alternative global cultural-politico-economic-tech order termed BRICS . Brazil, Russia, China India and South Africa believe the globe is on the verge of a dynamic , multi-polar , collaborative and mutually beneficial engagement. Of course there are die-hard power centers of the ancien regime which resist, despise and counter such idyllic notions and platitudes on our planet

Unto a New Global Music Order..

However , while the Ministers with and without Portfolio and even Pleni-potentiary hold ‘talks’ and summits and then issue communiques , the Dance world aknows and already defers to South African music influence ,trends, producers, djs and artists. From London, Paris, NYC to Rio the smart money and talent trek to JoBurg and the Cape to collaborate and soak up the organic power of African musicianship , infectious rhythms and vocal emotion, I call Lava.Black Coffee opened the doors to this flood about 10 years ago and with Bucie dropped the club hit ‘SuperMan’ rich in dub, bass and piano with sexy vocals.

Neither Bucie, dubbed the Princess of House in ZA nor Black Coffee have looked back. Many fellow South Africans followed suit , adding the pool of international productions , projects and tracks with African groundings. My FaceBook peeps know I constantly post House music genre tracks and the South African portion increases every year as more outstanding sounds emanate from that progressive Nation-state.

So at the 22nd annual South African Music Awards whose theme was the Future is Hear , bold acceptance of the new music leadership emergence , 3 Awards went to Black Coffee : Best Album of the Year, Best Engineered Album and Best Dance Album.The album is ‘Pieces of Me’.The Youtube link opening shows the London crowd upset after 3 hours as the promoters shut down the party. Londoners were calling for more.

Bucie performs ‘SuperMan’ produced by Award winner Black Coffee

I suspect once you start listening to South African music you will join their chant.

Congratulations to Black Coffee all around as like Denzel Washington winning for ‘Training Day’, we know it’s the body of work long overdue that’s being recognized.

El Tigre.

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