Usain Bolt wins among 4 Sub 10 secs sprinters in Jamaica

Usain Bolt wins in 9.88 secs despite rough start in Jamaica

Literally the same moment I was reviewing my previous Dafne Schippers post here, the new video arrived of Usain Bolt’s latest 100 metres  . The Jamaica Invitational was the event and of the 8 runners, 6 were Jamaican including Olympic Relay Gold medalists Asafa Powell , Michael Frater and Yohan Blake.

Bolt has a clumsy start yet the confidence , power and strength to comfortably hold off veteran Powell and young speed meister Blake. As per the Bolt pattern , the Big Man after a good year apparently inactive pulls out the necessary for the right moment. Championship state of mind , evryone loves a hero as we got from Muhammad Ali (RIP). Many see another larger than life persona in this 6 foot 5 inches Jamaican.

Olympic Trials are soon…

Eugene ,OR is not just a town in the US NorthWest. There is the quadrennial US athletics tradition that yield the members of the USA Olympic team. The US Olympic Trials are the real focus as these athletes travel the globe competing.Late July is the appointment with destiny for US competitors. The Jamaicans return to Kingston towards end of June to do their selection ritual. Justin Gatlin is the most visible American sprinter on the circuits ,along with names like Tyson Gay , Mike Rodgers and Roger Bailey. All veterans to Olympics adrenalin competition.

But hold on , just a few months a go a High School senior in California from a town called Vista Murrieta  ran the 200 metres in 20.23 seconds .Michael Hudson just last week covered the same distance in 20.43 seconds. He too is travelling to Eugene, Oregon. The top 3 placed in 100 and 200 metres get spots on the US Olympic team and somehow for the 4 X 100 relay. The USA teams both male and female have been plagued with baton exchanges at the big moments like the Olympics . My humble view is that the strength of the depth of talent which yields the track squad has a built in unfamiliarity one month from Olympics.

The Jamaicans benefit on the reverse as a smaller country and the team prospects get to run together both as training partners and competitors. No surprise they hold the world record in the 4 x 100 metres at 36.84 seconds.In the event shown with Yohan Blake and Nickel Ashmeade tying at 9.94 seconds and long time challenger making 9.98 seconds, we have the first time anywhere in the world in 2016 an Olympic year, 4 runners sub 10 seconds in same race. The Americans cannot afford this sober distraction as they re-convene in Eugene.

El Tigre




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