TigaH’s Nuu & Classic I: Sweet & SweetAH 2016

Soulful Music for Baby-Boomers and Millennials..

Today Sunday June 5, 2016 the temperature rises here in Los Angeles and I feel behind in my list of items to upload and share. So to set the stage in my own mind I have uploaded my newest music mix on MixCloud.

Everything is fine when the music is playing, at least for this TigerMan. The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics are soon here and the track athlete contenders are competing around the globe , hoping to be at peak readiness come August. Much unfolding drama to review . Also my special Blog and Podcast series ‘Lotus L.A , Mi L.A ‘ is due for more special guests .Being developed as I write here.

So today a few days out from Summer Solstice or Soulstice 2016, we share eclectic Soulful music for Baby-Boomers and Millennials alike. A quick word on the music.

The US music industry has atrophied the past few decades due to a ‘perfect storm’ of free downloads, piracy, mp3 ,new digital audio tools and technologies  along with a jaded audience tired of paying $ 20 for a CD with just one worthwhile track.

The other side is that artists, producers and labels are on their own to  create and maintain revenue streams. Soul music which formerly resided in Motown, Philly International, Stax and Atlantic got early assaults by majors such as CBS , even before MTV and BET led to YouTube.

The mix here has Aretha Franklin, George Clinton ‘ Jones Girls and Jose Feliciano along with new artists barely known , yet from Bristol. Johannesburg, Brooklyn, Hong Kong,Baltimore and New York City. All members of the exciting global House music culture bringing strong vocals, live instruments and serious production remix skills to the music game. We’re going in….


#ElTigre #SoulfulHouse # HouseMusic #SoulMusic


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