Usain Bolt begins 2016 trek for Rio Gold, modestly..

Sporting a Mohawk-like head , the ‘Big Man’ dominant World sprint champion from Jamaica , Usain Bolt gave a modest 9.98 seconds clocking in  his first 100 metres out in the Rio 2016 cycle. Granted none of the top contenders were present , his vocal hope to do 9.8 seconds as he works toward peak performance for Rio in August. Just 3 months away and a lot can go down.

Usain Bolt’s modest 9.98 secs for 100 metres in Czech Republic , quest for Rio 2016 begins.

A few months ago team-mate, training partner and formidable competitor Yohan Blake clocked 10.02 in Germany .Again a non-threatening line up at the starting blocks. I posted here on the 4 x 100 metres whose record is shared by both Blake and Bolt , representing Jamaica. The Americans led by Justin Gatlin are itching for payback , so thee islanders know they need pace the road to Rio carefully and wisely .It’s all over in less than 10 seconds.

P.S A good friend, Jules a track man in the day advised me that in the earlier Schippers post that it appears the sprinters are accelerating at the close. Duly noted and welcomed correction. We need be educated on this wonderful competitive sport. The posts will reflect the Diamond circuit of activity going forward.

El Tigre




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