Blonde Girl Dafne Schippers a Double Threat for Rio 2016 Olympics

The Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio are fast approaching as quickly as the fine array of track sprinters in the medals mix . So much talent and so much speed. I had hoped to do a running countdown to the fast approaching Olympics, instead I will profile potential medalists based on recent and current international track meets.

Meet a Blonde double threat hailing from The Netherlands . Former heptathlon performer, Daphne Schippers has burst on the world sprint scene in the 200 and 100 metres challenging and here besting Champions such as US gold medalist Allyson Felix. The venue Beijing last August 2015.

Netherlands’ Schippers bests USA gold medalist Allyson Felix in Beijing 2016

Early in 2016 Schippers won the 60 metres dash in an incredible time of 7.00 secs. The Flying Dutchwoman reminds me somewhat of Russian Valery Borzov, the 1970s nemesis of USA 100 and 200 metres sprinters. Textbook and precision economy of motion. The capacity to accelerate at the close. Rio 2016 is going to be FiyaH!!Stay tuned here for more top athlete profiles.

El Tigre




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