Usain Bolt begins 2016 trek for Rio Gold, modestly..

Sporting a Mohawk-like head , the ‘Big Man’ dominant World sprint champion from Jamaica , Usain Bolt gave a modest 9.98 seconds clocking in  his first 100 metres out in the Rio 2016 cycle. Granted none of the top contenders were present , his vocal hope to do 9.8 seconds as he works toward peak performance for Rio in August. Just 3 months away and a lot can go down.

Usain Bolt’s modest 9.98 secs for 100 metres in Czech Republic , quest for Rio 2016 begins.

A few months ago team-mate, training partner and formidable competitor Yohan Blake clocked 10.02 in Germany .Again a non-threatening line up at the starting blocks. I posted here on the 4 x 100 metres whose record is shared by both Blake and Bolt , representing Jamaica. The Americans led by Justin Gatlin are itching for payback , so thee islanders know they need pace the road to Rio carefully and wisely .It’s all over in less than 10 seconds.

P.S A good friend, Jules a track man in the day advised me that in the earlier Schippers post that it appears the sprinters are accelerating at the close. Duly noted and welcomed correction. We need be educated on this wonderful competitive sport. The posts will reflect the Diamond circuit of activity going forward.

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36.84 secs still World Record for 4 x 100 metres Men’s Relay

My second entry of the Rio 2016 Olympics focuses on the traditionally final event of the Track & Field events(sometimes in tandem with the marathon), the Men’s 4 x 100 metres Relay. I will in due course review the 100, 200 and 400 metres contenders/champions of both Women and Men. However , for me over these decades as a Track & Field fan there’s a certain majesty of the team effort of blistering speed around the 400 metres track.The current champions and World Record holders are the Jamaicans.36.84 seconds.The venue was the London 2012 Olympics.Exactly 4 years ago this August.

The names in Track sprint history are Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and the Big Man on anchor, Usain Bolt. What drama has erupted since 2008 when in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest the showy Jamaican won 3 gold medals, capped by the 4×100 meters anchor, officially dislodging the Americans who had dominated Sprints for decades. We all know of Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics. Then Jamaica was a British colony , looking to United  Kingdom to win Gold at Hitler’s Berlin propaganda fest.

The normally dominant Americans have been plagued with doping controversy , but more traumatic , chronic failed  baton exchanges . Since this footage shown, The Jamaicans won the event back in Beijing for the IAAF 2015 championships, when the US team passed baton too late on the anchor exchange.The Jamaicans’ anchored once more by Bolt did a decent 37.37 seconds. Can either USA or Jamaica best 36.84 secs?

Jamaica’s 36.84 secs @ London 2012 : Is it as good as it gets in 4 x 100 Metres Mens’ Relay

Often when a dominant sprinter such as then Jamaica’s Donald Quarrie, Trinidad & Tobago’s Hasely Crawford, and Russia’s Valery Borzov are winning , they  lack a matching sprint team to contend for Relay Gold. Usain Bolt has been spared this and these days its the Americans worrying about their team’s cohesion  to get the baton to the finish line . Jamaican speed merchants on every leg increases the pressure. Fiyah, Pure Fiyah.

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Blonde Girl Dafne Schippers a Double Threat for Rio 2016 Olympics

The Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio are fast approaching as quickly as the fine array of track sprinters in the medals mix . So much talent and so much speed. I had hoped to do a running countdown to the fast approaching Olympics, instead I will profile potential medalists based on recent and current international track meets.

Meet a Blonde double threat hailing from The Netherlands . Former heptathlon performer, Daphne Schippers has burst on the world sprint scene in the 200 and 100 metres challenging and here besting Champions such as US gold medalist Allyson Felix. The venue Beijing last August 2015.

Netherlands’ Schippers bests USA gold medalist Allyson Felix in Beijing 2016

Early in 2016 Schippers won the 60 metres dash in an incredible time of 7.00 secs. The Flying Dutchwoman reminds me somewhat of Russian Valery Borzov, the 1970s nemesis of USA 100 and 200 metres sprinters. Textbook and precision economy of motion. The capacity to accelerate at the close. Rio 2016 is going to be FiyaH!!Stay tuned here for more top athlete profiles.

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Bravo! A New Yorker transplanted in L.A discovers the re-charging oppurtunity of the Cali desert. Spring renewal courtesy my creative fellow traveller Morgan aka Maverick Muse.🔝👍👏👒☺
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“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another and ourselves.”


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After the busyness of last month, the focus of April was to reset and renew. Spring is here and is encouraging us all to pause, reflect and recharge our batteries. I like to consider this season as our annual mind, body and spirit tune up.

Last week I made my way to Indio, CA with Evan for a Coachella Party hosted by Paul Mitchell at the Merv Griffin Estate. Using this opportunity to escape the city for the day, we set off into the desert to recharge our batteries.

I began to experiment with some simple techniques during the trip, which I have continued to explore since returning to LA. As a result, I have created a one-week reset plan, which I’m excited to share with you today! The most beneficial method…

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