Natalie Cole passed, aged 65!

The eyes . Lively, alert and joyful!That radiant intelligent chocolate colored face , then the feminine yet dynamic voice , the beauty and effortless elegance , yet fun and curious. Those are my unforgettable memories of a brief introduction to Natalie Cole in the mid-80s in the parking area of the then Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles . An elderly gentleman /well-known journalist friend   and I were strolling through the historic property’s pleasant gardens when there was a flurry of verbal greetings and suddenly I found myself captivated by the undeniable star quality and beauty of Natalie Cole. Gracious Lady she was, I was made to feel part of the obvious family re-connection. The white sporty Cadillac intrigued as she drove away . Classy yet under-stated.Perfect reflection  of her style.Undeniable Class. A moment I treasure , when I unexpectedly met Natalie Cole. RIP.
Happy New Year 2016.
Él Tigré

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