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Straight outta Silver Lake, by way of Albany, NY my indomitable fashionista Morgan aka Maverick Muse rocks . A breath of fresh air. Quirky , spunky and sexy.
Happy Holidays mi gente.☺🎩🍷🎶
Él Tigré


“We can’t imagine a cuter and more creative interpretation of the iconic Morton Salt Girl by Morgan Ryan. We love the look and also her informative and personable response to the prompt.”


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LB: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

MR: My name is Morgan Ryan. I was born and raised in Albany, New York and have since moved to Los Angeles, CA. I’m currently living in Silver Lake, a young creative neighborhood outside of Downtown LA. I live to inspire and entertain others. To me, the clearest indication of one’s well-being is their smile. Having the opportunity to breathe some life and laughter into another’s life brings me joy.

LB : What are your passions?

MR:  There are many things I’m passionate about but generally speaking they all revolve around creativity. My childhood was centered on the act of motion, which was huge for my creativity. I was enrolled in dance classes and private drawing lessons so…

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Louie Vega Starring Monique Bingham – Elevator (Going Up) (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Remix) (Vega Records)

I second the views of my Paris-based IDMW editor-in-chief Frédéric . Look what you have done Maestro Vega. Taken this music game to a whole other place. That piano werQ! Monique’s unpredictable layered vocals, the lyrical imagery. Brilliant. Why I have been a dyed-in-the-wool fan. My personal top single for oast 2 weeks, and the anchor of my latest mix.
El Tigré