Miles Davis – Tutu (Warner Bros.)

Remembering Miles Davis who revealed an intense work ethic to a young Robert Irving III, as he shared during a Hollywood chat before performing at Catalina Club.Miles Davis (RIP), an Immortal .
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10 must have Hip-House tracks…

BoooM!! A challenge to our real Hip Hop Nation from my Paris-based Editor in Chief, Frédéric . Let’s get your top 10 list. SiRius Bizz!
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DJ Spinna: Groove is in the… art! (Q&A)

My prolific and musically connected editor at Indamixworldwide always pleasantly surprises with his personal network and access . Dj Spinna a long time Stevie Wonder collaborator is on the mic.The Alison Crockett Re-Mix is worth the price of admission.Merci beaucoup Frédéric .
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S U R R E A L ( I T Y ) || PART I

I met this transplanted New Yorker a few months back in Chinatown , DTLA. Maverick Muse has my full support as the young lady presents an unpretentious , yet captivating narrative/journal as she navigates the journey of artist/model here in Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Los Angeles . Her piece on meeting supermodel Tyra  Banks is so vivid, one feels present in the space.
Continued Boldness to you Morgan.
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“Poker is a fascinating, wonderful, intricate adventure on the high seas of human nature.”

– David A. DanielLeather, Fashion, Minimal, Style, Surreal, Beauty, The notion of one man’s trash as another’s treasure is far from unusual to me. I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t share the same name with Captain Morgan and not have some of the same qualities. In a debate, he and I would probably not see eye to eye on our idea of ‘treasure.’ We would agree to disagree yet rest assured, we share some common ground. As unrelenting adventurous spirits, we both have a desire to seek and a love for rum.

    After imagining myself conversing with the fictional character, I thoughtI might be insane. That is until an idea sparked and had me thinking; what is it I’m seeking? If it isn’t gold or the fountain of youth, is there a treasure we allagree on? Is there…

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Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe (Polydor)

Hendrix ! After all these years that name evokes powerful opinion , response and stories. Thank fellow Selector and Editor in Chief @ IDMW ,Paris-based Frédéric .
Just recently an elder Angeleno who is sharing L.A black music history for an upcoming El Tigré presentation , noted that on a Live Isleys album , Hendrix is honorably mentioned as an earlier guitarist and band member ,whose influence stayed with Ernie years after. RIP Jimi Hendrix .An Immortal !🎶🎸💙☺✌
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Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Universal Records)

L’Shana Tova to my global Jewish familia.
Remembering Amy Winehouse(RIP) on her birthday , courtesy my meticulous chronicler peeps Frédéric , our Paris-based . Editor-in-chief at Indamixworldwide . Many are surprised to discover her tattoos-free persona on the earlier ‘Frank ‘ album. The post humously released duet with Tony Bennett consolidated her jazz credentials .🎶🎤🎷🎹
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