Luc Besson Q&A: His Wildly Ambitious ‘Valerian;’ Why EuropaCorp’s RED Launch Isn’t Harmed By Relativity Woes

‘La Femme Nikita’ was the movie which introduced me to French film-maker Luc Besson back in 1987. This very moment I’m a short street block from Art House theatre ‘ The Vista’ here in Hollywood where I enjoyed Anne Parillaud as bad azz government agent Josephine/Nikita .
Now Besson has taken up shop in Hollywood and holding his financial and cinematic ground with Lucas, Spielberg and Cameron . C’est la vie .
El Tigre


EXCLUSIVE: Luc Besson has long held a comfortable identity as France’s answer to Spielberg, an idea generator who hatches commercial hits. From Paris, he and EuropaCorp partner Christophe Lambert built a powerhouse company on Besson’s imagination that has fueled a long string of moderately budgeted Euro-flavored thrillers that do big global business. Besson directs some himself; others he gifts to up and coming filmmakers. At 56, Besson has turned a cozy life on its ear, as he and Lambert prepare to bet bigger than just about any independently financed European film company has in recent memory. They moved their families to Hollywood, to work more closely with Hollywood writers and directors to ramp up a slate of films for RED, a new U.S. distribution and marketing pipeline that was formerly Overture Films. EuropaCorp purchased half that pipeline from Relativity Media 18 months ago. The plan was to half-fund the…

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